12 April 2021 – Children’s Workshops Return

We are delighted to welcome back our childrens workshops. These workshops are professionally organised and have their own COVID-Secure risk assessments for conducting their specific activities.

We’d like to remind our visitors that restrictions and regulations are still in place and the following safeguards are in force.

  • Parents/Carers should not enter the venue unless necessary to support the child in attending the workshop.
  • Anyone aged 16 or older, must ‘Scan in or Sign in’ (see below). This is applicable to anyone entering the theatre, including activity leaders, staff and volunteers.
  • Use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to clean their hands.
  • Must wear a face covering (unless exempt).
  • Please remember social distancing of 2m where possible.

NHS Test and Trace (Scan in or Sign in)

On arrival to the theatre, everyone aged 16 or older must ‘Scan in’ or ‘Sign in’. This is a requirement by NHS Test and Trace, and it is the law that everyone registers their arrival in one of two ways. These are:

Scan In

  1. Download the NHS COVID-19 Test and Trace App for iPhone or Android. You may already have this app installed for checking into other venues, such as pubs and restaurants. You can download the app here: https://www.covid19.nhs.uk/
  2. Open the App and Scan the QR Code (these are located around the entrance of the venue).
  3. You will need to show the activity leader or staff member your phone after scanning in to confirm the QR code was scanned correctly.
  4. All done – you can now enter the venue.

Sign In

  1. Mention to the activity leader or staff that you cannot use the NHS App to scan in.
  2. They will provide you with a customer visitor sheet to record your details.
  3. Record your name and phone number.
  4. If you cannot provide a phone number, you can provide an email address.
  5. If you cannot provide an email address, you can provide a postal address.
  6. Hand the form back to the activity leader or staff member for secure keeping.
  7. All done – you can now enter the venue.

Data Protection:
If you scan in, your details are held securely by NHS Test and Trace and not by us.
If you sign in, your details will be securely stored for 21 days and will be provided to NHS Test and Trace if requested by them. After 21 days, we will destroy the visitor details. These details will not be used by us for any other reason.

We recommend using the NHS Test and Trace app as this is the quickest way to record your visit. To be clear, everyone needs to scan in or sign in. This is a recent change to the regulations where before only the lead booker had to ‘check in’. This is so NHS Test and Trace can contact individuals quickly without delay.


We have made the following changes to the venue and our operations to ensure we have a COVID-Secure environment.

  • All visitors to the venue must scan the NHS Test & Trace QR Code. These are found at the theatre entrance and inside the theatre foyer. Any guests who cannot scan the NHS QR Code must leave their contact details with the House Manager to be entered into our NHS Test and Trace guestbook. Details are only kept for 21 days and only shared with NHS Test and Trace.
  • Our staff will be wearing face coverings. In line with Government guidelines, we ask all visitors to wear a suitable face covering when visiting the theatre, unless exempt. You may remove your face covering to enjoy food and drink.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance. Our box-office onsite will be closed.
  • Be aware of additional signage and instructions around the venue.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available around the venue. Please use this on arrival as well.
  • Please only sit in the seats you have purchased. Empty seats are required to maintain social distancing between groups.
  • We only accept card and contactless payment. We are no longer accepting cash on site. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Please keep within your group of 6, and maintain social distancing of 1m+ at all times between households.