Role of the usher:

  • Arrive 1hr before event start time.
  • Assist the house manager with any tidying of the theatre foyer ensuring furniture is in a tidy manor
  • Have the ticketsource scan app ready on your smart phone (if you can!) We have some scan devices behind the bar if needed.
  • Pin open the first set of doors to the auditorium (but the second set closed) and with the rope across, and position yourself infront of the door.
  • When instructed by the House Manager, open the doors, and scan customers tickets using the Ticketsource App. There will be a seating layout on the wall near the doors if customers have enquires on where they need to sit.
  • Any problems with tickets, or if customers wish to discuss their seats, please send them to the house manager.

Heroes are welcome to have complimentary drinks while on duty, please make sure you process the drinks through the till (select discount > hero) to help us with inventory management.

Ticket Scanning App (Apple Store, iOS):

Ticket Scanning App (Google Play Store):