Role of the Bar Staff

  • Arrive 1hr before event start time.
  • Setup and turn on tills
  • Turn on coffee machine / Ice maker
  • Check stock and replenish if required
  • Sell drinks before the show and during the interval
  • Most shows should have plastic cups (or bottles) if intending to take their drinks into the auditorium.
  • Re-stock fridges after show starts/after interval and clean bar / wash glasses.
  • Turn off coffee and ice machine.
  • Sweep and/or mop floor if required.
  • We may occasionally have guests ask for tickets on the door. This can be arranged using the ticket source app on the iPad, and printed directly to the printer in the bar.
  • Once tickets have been allocated, remember to process the sale through the Square till app.
  • We only accept card payment, contactless, apple and google pay for all sales.
  • No-minimum spend.

Heroes are welcome to have complimentary drinks while on duty, please make sure you process the drinks through the till (select discount > hero) to help us with inventory management.