Charismatic, witty and curious about the world, Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was a key player in early twentieth century avantgarde art, design and literary/theatrical circles in Paris. His imagination and technical virtuosity cut across all conventional boundaries as he constantly innovated and experimented with new materials and effects. From a small intricate woodcut to the truly gigantic 1937 world fair murals depicting the role of electricity in the modern age, the effect is mesmerising. Dufy defies categorisation. His analysis of the visual world is sophisticated and joyous in equal measure.  His work displays complexity, while there is irony in his witty yet gentle caricatures of elegant social life.

Mary Alexander is an experienced historian and art historian, lecturing to various arts, heritage and antiquarian societies. She combines an unusual blend of academic and visual communication skills and is an enthusiastic member of The Arts Society Glaven Valley.


The Arts Society Evesham & Pershore


The Henrician
The Henrician


11 May 2022


7:30 pm

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