This is not a lecture about architecture, but about the people who created our vast cathedrals and churches using tools that seem primitive to us.  We find out what sort of people the Master Masons were and think about how they overcame enormous challenges. Through surviving records, we see that they were sometimes in trouble with the law, or reneged on contracts or might start a job but not finish it. Nonetheless, they persevered so that today we are able to look on their achievements with wonder.

Imogen Corrigan, after an army career, studied Anglo-Saxon & Medieval History and Art, and now works as a freelance lecturer and tour leader. Her book, Stone on Stone: the Men Who Built the Cathedrals, was published in 2019.


The Arts Society Evesham & Pershore


The Henrician
The Henrician


17 Nov 2021


7:30 pm

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