‘Dear Ted…’ is a one man show inspired by a series of extracts taken from real letters written by my great great uncle, Fred Hughes, to his brother, Ted, when he went to war as a Territorial soldier during World War One. I stumbled across the extracts in a book published by the National Trust called ‘The Country House at War’ and this piece is a way of keeping Fred’s memory alive, representing a host of heroes, like him, from that war.

The story follows Fred’s journey from his routine life at home in Britain to his very different life on the western front where he experiences his share of both high times and low times. Much of the dialogue is taken verbatim from the letter extracts, which will make you think as well as entertain you. Expect a minimal and versatile set, wartime song, and a Private on a mission!

“We stepped in not only to save the Belgians but to save our honour, which is more to us than anything”

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The Henrician
The Henrician


20 Nov 2021


3:00 pm



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